Like you, Rohit Bassi knows great communication plays an integral role in your success in the workplace and personal life.


With digital, mental, emotional and offline distractions great communication goes beyond just talking thus:

  • Preventing and resolving problems 

  • Developing and sustaining relationships

  • Maximising revenues and collaboration

When you are eager for an event with the x-factor, powerful memorable message and thought-provoking engagement then Rohit is here to serve and support you. He connects to your emotions and logic thus empowering you to take action with ease.


► WHAT ROHIT DOES FOR YOU? Helps leaders, teams and individuals in embracing conflicts, enriching relationships and tap into their emotional wisdom. Master your communication to cultivate and elevate success. Communication impacts everything.

► HOW ROHIT HELPS YOU? By applying the four noble truths: courage, clarity, conviction and compassion. This sharpens your mental and emotional state which strengthens your mind. That requires one to walk of the eightfold path.

► WHY IT WORKS? The bottom line is when communication is not mindful, you sabotage work, business, relationships thus life. Higher ability to speak & deep listening elevates all aspects of your life. You become more persuasive & influential, with greater ease eliminate conflicts & listen without prejudice.

In his interactive practical keynotes, your people will learn the fluid nature of communication is incredibly powerful. This leads to an increase in productivity and improves relationships in every aspect of life. In this time and beyond, as leaders and followers, how you speak and listen will dramatically impact the now and the future. As leaders and followers, you realise mindful communication is like water:


  • Communications can flow, in other words, it can be constructive and productive thus leading to success

  • Communication can crash, in other words, it can be destructive and unproductive thus leading to failure.

  • Communication can be stagnant, in other words, it can be inactive and sluggish thus leading to foul outcomes.

So, how could you ace your communication thus giving yourself the opportunity to be great in the workplace and personal life? Rohit gives his clients unique practical insights on how to advance in their work, business and life through the power of mindful communication.


  • Discover that great communication goes beyond being able to more accurately and concisely present information and ideas.

  • Realise successful leaders are able to meaningfully communicate with others without judgement and ego.

  • Energise to be great at communication be it sales, relationships, team development, company culture, employee engagement or innovation


Interact with Rohit who fathoms local, regional and global mindsets and cultures. He has inspired countless number of people to success across the globe. Give your people the opportunity to amplify their awareness for any given situation, commit to being mindful rather than compulsive in their communication and engage in using their energy in actions that moves them forward.

Rohit is part of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®, a global conference speaker, TEDx speaker, premium mentor, trainer, and coach. His on-stage presence is mesmerising, full of enthusiasm and leaves you on the edge of your seats.​

  • Be Inspirational – amplify your strengths and work on areas for development, which means integration of intelligence, communication and emotional wisdom. It is time to be an amazing version of yourself.

  • Take Ownership – taking 100% responsibility for your feelings, thoughts, communication and actions which means to let logic and emotions work with each other. It is time to learn from failures and celebrate them.

  • Simply Transformational – being creative and innovative adds value to yourself, others and the people you serve. Success is greater when we all take the steps to work as one. It is time to learn with collaboration you achieve much more.


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